Honey Crème by Kilo Black Series

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Have your taste buds ever buzzed with joy before? Have they ever found themselves engulfed in something so sweet and potent and at the same time so delicate and gentle that the intricacy just confused and amazed them? Neither have mine. Well, at least not until Honey Crème came along!

Kilo’s Black Series Honey Crème is something out of this world! It’s reminiscent of vanilla ice cream topped with sweet honey and roasted nuts – it almost sounds too good to be true, especially when we all know how difficult it is to find a good honey-based vape juice. This is Black Series signature vape and the crowds are going wild for it. How could they not! On the inhale, Honey Crème is a perfect balance of sweet honey and creamy vanilla, coexisting in perfect harmony and never missing a beat. The exhale is less potent but carries a dash of roasted nuts that perfectly round out the whole flavor.


Kilo Black Series Honey CremeHoney Crème by Kilo is a part of their Black Series and we can probably call it this series’ flagship. It’s available in 60ml bottles exclusively and at nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6-milligrams. This 70/30 VG/PG vape juice doesn’t get shipped alone – all orders of Black Series e-juices are accompanied by a battery wrap, a Kilo dog tag, and an empty 30ml Kilo unicorn bottle.


If you’re tired of looking for a perfectly sweet all-day vape and you’re ready to be surprised and dazzled by a perfectly executed honey-based e-juice, don’t waste a minute! Head over to BuyVapor and order as much Honey Crème as you can because, hey – imagine if we run out!?

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