Administration Change affects on FDA's Deeming Rule

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How Will The Administration Change Affect the FDA's Deeming Rule?

A lot is going to change in the States in the next couple of months. For better or for worse, a new administration will be taking over and that will affect every facet of the society. Hopefully, things might start looking a bit better for the vaping industry, at least.

There has been some talk recently that Trump's administration is thinking about appointing Libertarian Jim O'Neill as the new FDA chief. O’Neill is known for his unorthodox opinions that he isn’t afraid to share with the public – at one point he even said that people should be given an option to pay other people cash for organ transplants.

While some of his statements are a morally questionable, there is no denying that the FDA would drastically change course under his leadership. Drugs would become more readily available and his views about the free market would definitely change things for vaping. We would probably witness a reduction in overall prices and the industry might even be able to escape the yoke of these recent regulations.

As of now, nothing is confirmed so speculations are running wild. The vaping industry might have a new (unintentional) champion if this appointment comes to pass – however, would he be a good overall choice remains to be seen.

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