Indiana State Senator Under FBI Investigation

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Indiana State Senator Under FBI Investigation Because of Vaping Law Amendment

We already wrote about the ludicrous Indiana vaping law that threatens to shut down the vaping industry in that state, but a refresher is in order.

In 2015, Indiana’s vaping law required all manufacturers to get certified (here’s a shocker: food manufacturers have less stringent rules!). In 2016, an amendment was passed that dealt with which companies CAN issue certificates to vaping companies, restricting the pool of issuers to ONE single company - Mulhaupt’s, a Lafayette-based security firm.

Even then, there were some serious concerns that this monopoly could lead to some foul play. Vaneta Becker, who authored the amendment, tried to change the wording when she realized that it would create a monopoly but she was blocked by Sen. Alting.

That same Sen. Alting is now under FBI investigation, along with Mulhaupt CEO Doug Mulhaupt.

Sen. Head is currently leading the effort to overhaul the preposterous legislation and he has the support of the majority. It seems that vaping businesses in Indiana will get a much needed reprieve. However, this makes us wonder - what did Sen. Alting get out of creating this situation? And are other legislators also passing bills that are more financially beneficial for them than for the general public?

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