Indiana Vaping Law

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Law Put Under Preliminary Injunction

U.S. District judge Richard Young issued a preliminary injunction of the Indiana vaping law, essentially ruling that it was in violation of the dormant Commerce Clause that forbids the states from substantially burdening interstate commerce.


Earlier this year, the state of Indiana ordered vape manufacturers to contract with very specific security companies if they wanted to keep their license. Unfortunately, there is only one security company in the entire state that fits the bill.


Judge Young decided that this was unfair and discriminatory practice – one that seriously cripples interstate commerce. That was enough for him to grant injunction asked by one vaping manufacturer, Goodcat, and order state to grant companies permits to sell e-liquids until the whole matter is straightened. It remains to be seen if the state of Indiana is going to appeal the ruling but this can be chalked down as a win for the vaping industry. At least for now.


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