Indiana's Monopoly-Enabling Vaping Law to Be Reconsidered

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Indiana's Monopoly-Enabling Vaping Law to Be Reconsidered


Recently, we reported that Indiana’s new vaping law was forcing vape companies to hire security companies that followed some very strict guidelines. In and of itself, this wouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately, this law, which has already been the subject of multiple lawsuits, is so specific that only one security company in the entire state is qualified under its guidelines.


Of course, this means that this company, Mulhaupt’s, can pick and choose its clients and effectively put vaping companies it doesn’t want to collaborate with out of business. After allegations of possible corruption led the FBI to investigate the case, several republican senators issued statements saying that the Indiana Senate will work on fixing the situation in January of 2017.


Senators David Long and Ron Alting both admitted that it was not the Senate’s intention to push through a bill that will allow businesses to form a monopoly and that during the next legislative session all efforts will be taken to amend the situation.


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