Is There Such a Thing as Passive Vaping

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Is There Such a Thing as Passive Vaping?


Vapers are regularly confronted by non-vapers if and when they choose to vape indoors. While it’s important to respect everybody’s wishes, it’s also important to dispel common misconceptions about vaping and, more accurately, passive vaping.


Several types of research have been conducted regarding passive vaping to determine whether or not it’s even a thing and the results are in – there is no such thing as passive vaping! Vapor produced by e-cigarettes contains water in excess of 70%. That water evaporates into the surrounding quickly. There is no increase in nicotine levels in the atmosphere of a closed room that has been vaped in whatsoever and levels of formaldehyde acetaldehyde are substantially lower than limits set by the WHO.


Experts in tobacco control, cancer research, and environmental control have therefore concluded that e-cigarettes pose no danger to non-vapers who happen to be present in a room that’s vaped in.


Next time somebody confronts you about vaping stating that it’s damaging their health, point them to this video. By all means, respect their wishes and don’t vape around them but make sure to set the record straight.


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