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Great Taste, Premium Ingredients, and All That Jazz!


Back in 2013, a guy in Los Angeles was starting to get fed up with all the liquids he was vaping. Let’s call him Boba even though he did have a pretty regular, boring name. As we were saying, his vape juices were starting to annoy him. The good ones were pricey and the cheap ones were bad – it was a bit of a catch 22, if you asked him. He could have continued to vape the good stuff but he would have eventually ended up broke. On the other hand, he would rather have switched back to cigarettes than settled on a bad vape juice.


So Boba did the only reasonable thing he could think of. He created the Jazzy Boba vape juice!

A lot of work went into that first signature Jazzy Boba flavor but he finally created a vape juice that he could enjoy all day long and it wasn’t costing him an arm and a leg. After a while, fellow vapers began asking what it was. Being a goody two shoes that he is, Boba shared.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Jazzy Boba vape juices have been going strong for over three years now. The first is known simply as Jazzy Boba – Boba had no idea that things would quickly take off so he wasn’t very imaginative with the name. Plus, the name is pretty self-explanatory. Boba honored both himself and a popular milky tea the stuff tasted of with it. Eventually, new flavors were added to the offer and the name Boba stuck.

  • Jazzy Boba – the one and the only, Jazzy Boba is a perfect blend of jasmine, sweet milk, and tea, with just a hint of tapioca, perfect for everyone looking for an exotic mouth adventure.


  • Manggo Boba – a worthy successor, this vape juice has all the uniqueness of Jazzy Boba but with some extra sweetness and a wicked mango twist!


  • Thai Boba – Boba went back to the basics with this flavor, which features clean green Thai tea with just a dash of sweet milk to make things a bit more interesting – if that’s even possible!


  • Dewwy Boba – looking to go even more exotic than Thai? You’re more than welcome with Dewwy Boba, a flavor that perfectly balances boba milk tea and honeydew melon. Yummy!


  • Nutty Boba – almond lovers, don’t think for a second that Boba has forgotten about you! Nutty Boba is a perfect pairing of Thai Boba tea and sweet almond milk – a concoction that will blow you away!


Boba Flavor Line UpAll Jazzy Boba flavors are mixed 70/30 in favor of PG. This allows the taste to stay consistent and produces creamy, rich vapor. As for nicotine, all five flavors can be ordered in 0, 3, 6, and 12mL nicotine strengths.

If you want to join Boba’s cult following, head over to Jazzy Boba Facebook page, where Nutty, Dewwy, Jazzy, and the rest of the gang hang out. Read up on why these vape juices continually delight vapers and get a chance to win big during one of the frequent giveaways!


Jazzy Boba award-winning vape juices can be ordered right here with us at BuyVapor. If you find yourself itching for some Thai boba tea, come on over and pick your favorite! But hurry up – Boba’s vape juices are popular and you will want to snag your bottle of this sweet delight right now!

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