Join Hands and Save a Billion Lives

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Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City, October 22nd at 2 PM

Hands for a Billions Lives

In the next 80 years, one billion people will die of smoking-related illnesses. That means one billion cancers, or emphysemas, or COPD’s, or strokes. It means the lives of you, your family members and friends, and a whole lot of passersby just whisked away by the deadliest diseases of the 21st century.


Because we didn’t stand up. We didn’t fight back. We allowed greedy corporations to tailor our laws and tailor our lives. However, there is still time to turn things around. A Billion Lives is a movie that highlights how the FDA and the tobacco industry are suffocating the vaping industry because they are losing profits.  ‘Hands for Billion Lives’ is an initiative that was formed by the community members as an expression of silent protest against the systematic destruction of a life-saving industry. The aim is to educate the media, the law-makers, and the general public about the positive effects vaping can have on the society - and the negative effects over-regulation will have on the vaping industry.

To find out more about it please visit their page, Hands for Billion Lives. Come and join us if you’re in Salt Lake City – we’ll be holding hands for billion lives on October 22nd at the Utah State Capitol building. Other cities are also organizing similar events at the same so you can join in. If you’d like to organize the event in your city please contact, Schell, Jason or Reba – there is still time.

Together we are stronger!

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