Joyetech’s eGo AIO Review

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Joyetech’s eGo AIO Review


If you’re a beginner vaper you’re probably overwhelmed by the technobabble you hear from all of us old vapers. Worst yet, getting a straightforward advice is also very difficult, especially about the devices you want to use. Some people are suggesting to go for entry level devices, while others are rooting for something more advanced.

Who to listen and where to start?

eGo AIO The answer is simple - why not combine the best of both worlds? Joyetech’s eGo AIO (all in one) is a powerful device designed for beginner vapers. It gives you the flavor and vapor production you’re looking for without the bells and whistled that would make it too complicated to use. This short eGo AIO review will give you all the information you need to make a sound purchasing decision, even if you’re completely new to vaping! If you’re an experienced vaper you’ll still want to take a look at this device, especially if you’re looking for something that you can use on the go without too much fuss. Get eGo AIO on BuyVapor at a great price and become a proud owner of a simple, yet effective, vaping device!


  • All-in-one design
  • Long battery life
  • Small and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Great flavor and vapor
  • Affordable


  • 2ml tank capacity
  • No advanced options
  • Works best with high PG vape juices
  • Poor customization options

If you’re a beginner user you can go ahead and disregard all the cons. Pro vapers will take issue with this device mostly because it’s not customizable and the tank is small. This will not be an issue if you’re just starting out and want something that can effectively replace smoking.

eGo AIO Design and Functionality

This device combines both the battery and the tank in one sleek tubular design. It’s completely seamless and the only things standing out on the tube are the fire button and two small slits on the tank that allow you to see the juice. It comes in a variety of colors: black, silver, black/grey, red/white, and black/white.


When it comes to battery features of eGo AIO, there aren’t that many, which is a good thing because you don’t want to spend 15 minutes preparing to vape. There’s no variable voltage or wattage options and the wattage that’s sent to the atomizer depends on resistance and battery life. Battery safety features include over-charging, over-discharge, and short-circuit protection so there is no possibility of eGo AIO (literally) backfiring on you. This 1500 mAh battery will last all day, even if you don’t go easy on it. However, you can charge it via USB and it supports pass-through vaping, meaning you can vape while it’s charging. This is a great feature for beginners as most of the time you won’t have a backup device to use when you run out of battery.


leak free eGo AIOeGo AIO uses a built-in tank similar to their popular Cubis model. This means that it’s leak-free and top fill. The tank capacity is 2 ml, which is a bit on the low side but not too bad. A full tank can probably last a couple of hours if you’re not chain vaping and refilling it is a breeze. The tank lights up and you can change the colors, as well as turn the light off.  It comes with two drip tips - one plastic with spit-back protection and one glass, and both are pretty heat resistant.

Ease of Use

eGo AIO’s ease of use is it’s strongest selling point. The most difficult part of handling this device will be assembling it once you get it. It will come pieced out so you will have to figure out where everything goes but that’s easy. To open the tank simply press on it and turn and it will come off. The coil is fitted on the top part by gently screwing it on. Make sure to prime the coil by with a few drops of vape juice before you fit it so you avoid dry burns. After that, simply fill the tank making sure you don’t overfill it and you’re ready to vape!

refilling eGo AIO

To turn on the device, press the fire button five times and repeat the same when you want to turn it off. For vaping, simply press and hold the fire button and inhale - and that’s it! You can adjust the airflow to suit your preferences - closed for mouth to lung vaping or open if you want to inhale directly.

The Bottom Line

It incredible that something so simple can produce such great flavor as well as decent amounts of vapor! eGo AIO from Joyetech is truly a remarkable all-in-one vaping device that offers great performance while still being user friendly. If you’re new to vaping and want something easy and straightforward to take the place of a cigarette you’re accustomed to, try eGo AIO! Check it out on BuyVapor right now - we’re running a special deal on it and at this price, this vape device is a complete steal!

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