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It took Keep It 100 vape juices less than a year to completely WOW vapers all over the world and become a sought-after brand name that flies off the shelves of vape stores. Uncharacteristically, this particular manufacturer doesn’t hail from sunny California - a real surprise, considering how CA is the hub of the industry in the US. You will have to fly clear across the country to find Keep It 100’s manufacturing facilities, which are located in New Jersey.

Read Keep It 100 vape juice review to find out more about these great juices, in addition to an inspiring story about a youngster who started it all and his commitment to deliver outstanding vape products at a fraction of what other manufacturers are charging!

Keep It 100 Vape Juices

We know you’re itching to see what Keep It 100 has in store for you so we will cut to the chase and skip directly to the flavors. At BuyVapor, you can get 9 different Keep It 100 flavors, which are tentatively grouped into four different series - the Original series, the Fresh series, the Milk series, and the Menthol series.

All Keep It 100 juices are mixed 70/30 in favor of VG, which means that you get that clear, crisp flavor notes, but you also get an extremely good cloud production. They are available in 0, 3, and 6 mg/mL nicotine strengths (so mostly intended for sub-ohm vaping), and come bottled in 100mL chubby gorilla bottles.

The Original Keep It 100 Series

1. Blue Slushie

Blue Slushie 100

Possibly the most loved Keep It 100 flavor, the Blue Slushie will remind you of being a kid, especially if you were a kind of kid who adored 7-Eleven’s blue razz slurpees. So fill up your tank, sit back, and enjoy the memories!

The inhale is pretty much blue raspberry all the way - not the fresh kind, though, the full-on sugary kind. If you have a sweet tooth, this juice will definitely be to your liking. That said, even though the flavor is very sweet, it’s not overwhelming. It carries a dose of freshness, which is then emphasized with just a touch of fresh strawberry on the exhale.

2. Kiberry Killa

Kiberry Killa 100

If you’re ready to go on a tropical island vacation without getting up from your couch, you need to get a bottle of Kiberry Killa. It’s a perfect fruity blend that combines an all-time favorite, strawberry, with a hint of magical kiwi flavor.

The first puff is all about pure, unadulterated strawberry flavor. None of that candy-flavored shenanigans - this is strawberry straight up, and you can almost feel the juice drizzling down your chin. There are plenty of good strawberry flavors out there though, so what makes Kiberry Killa so special? Glad you asked! It’s all about those Kiwi undertones. A lot of mixed strawberry flavors have that creamy undertone that makes you feel like your mouth is full of cotton. Not this one - it’s just fruit, all the way to the exhale. And, talking about the exhale, the kiwi is a bit stronger on it, but that doesn’t mean that the strawberry takes a back seat. In fact, both fruit flavors come out on the top, making this a perfect fruity ADV for those who are looking to mix things up.

3. Krunchy Squares

Krunchy Squares 100

A lot of vapers are wary of cinnamon-flavored cereal vape juices and we get that - not every manufacturer gets those right. Still, it’s a shame because, done properly, these can become a real cereal delight. Krunchy Squares is one of those rare e liquids that hits the nail on the head when it comes to its cereal profile.

The inhale is a French toast cereal with just a hint of cinnamon. When we say a hint, we mean a hint - the cinnamon is not overpowering and give a nice backnote to the whole flavor. What’s great about this juice is that it almost has a solid texture: talking a puff is like putting a spoonful in your mouth and chewing on it. It’s important to note that this is not an overly sweet flavor. There is some sweetness to it, but the stars of the show are cinnamon and toast flavors. The exhale mellows things down a bit, adding a bit of milkiness to the mix. If you ever had a cold churro, you can pretty much guess what this tastes like (and if you haven’t then you have to get a bottle - the taste of a cold churro takes some getting used to but once you do, it’s sublime).

4. Mallow Man

Mallow Man 100

Ready for camping? Don’t forget your bottle of Keep It 100’s Mallow Man - a perfect vape juice companion to any camping trip. If you have a thing for sugar cookies and marshmallows, you can’t go wrong with this one!

The inhale on this one is all about sugar cookies - it’s a sweet as they come so if that’s your thing, this might be a perfect all-day vape. On the exhale, the marshmallow really kicks in. It’s the gooey variety marshmallow, not the straight-out-of-the-bag marshmallow. If you were to actually bake marshmallows, this is how they would taste like. There’s another surprise twist on the exhale: if you have a keen sense of taste, you will be able to pick up a very subtle vanilla note there, which rounds out the flavor perfectly, giving it yet another delicious layer.

5. Pink Burst

Pink Burst 100

If you’re fed up with Strawberry Starburst kind of vape juices and just want a nice, all-day fruit candy vape, Pink Burst should definitely be your go-to e-liquid. It’s sufficiently sweet and candy-like to entertain your taste buds, but not so overpowering that you would need to switch it out halfway through the day.

The thing that you will notice straight off the bat is that this is a nice, ripe strawberry flavor that hasn’t been artificially sweetened all that much. Although there’s a definite candy note to the whole thing, it won’t oversaturate your taste buds. This is great if you’re looking for a flavor that’s more low-key, and it’s also great if you want to keep your coils and your cotton nice and clean for longer periods of time. If you’ve ever tried a Strawberry Hi Chew candy, you will know exactly what we’re talking about - it’s strawberry, it’s candy, but you can vape on it all day long without needing a change (and without getting sick on sugar!).

The Fresh Keep It 100 Series

6. Peachy Punch

Peachy Punch 100

Looking for something to vape one while you’re on the beach? Something sweet-smelling and deliciously tasting that will fit your mood? Peachy Punch is a summertime vape juice if there ever was one! It’s almost as if Keep It 100 took a fruit salad and poured the contents into one of their bottles.

Just opening the bottle will send your taste buds into a frenzy - vaping on it might just do the trick and overload them. This is not a candy-like flavor - it’s pure fruit through and through. The inhale is very strong on the peach, with just a hint of fresh green apples. The exhale reveals backnotes of pear and mango, with just a tiny hint of strawberries to round out the flavor at the end. Peachy Punch has a very light throat hit and an acceptable vapor production. Still, the emphasis is placed on fruity flavors so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re going to enjoy this one.

The Milk Keep It 100 Series

7. Strawberry Milk

Strawberry Keep it 100

Strawberry Milk is the ultimate dessert for a hot summer day. A tantalizing mix of fresh, ripe strawberries and refreshing creamy milk is all that you need after a hearty meal - no cakes, no ice cream - just take a couple of puffs of this juice on your vape, and you will be good to go.

The inhale on Strawberry Milk is light strawberry flavor carried through on a velvety, satin cushion of milky deliciousness. The strawberry is not overpowering and it’s not too sweet: it’s a perfect mix that’s both tasty and refreshing at the same time. The exhale comes with a bit of a twist - it’s still strong on milk and strawberries, but it will put you in mind of a strawberry shortcake. It almost has an ice cream-like consistency that’s slightly buttery. Once you take your first hit, you will see what we mean - your mouth fills up instantly on this sweet-tasting vapor. And, it’s some vapor: thanks to that milky component, Strawberry Milk makes huge billowing clouds and has a very mild throat hit, which is great if you’re looking for something that you can vape on throughout the day.

8. Nilla Almond

Nilla Almond

A perfect low-key vape juice for vapers who love to vape their breakfast. Nilla Almond does pretty much what it says on the box - it smells and tastes exactly like almond and vanilla milk.

The first puff mostly creamy milk that swirls around, coating your taste buds with just a hint of sweetness and a touch of almonds. The almonds themselves then take a back seat, becoming more of an aftertaste instead of the main player. If you’re looking for a full-on almond taste, you’re not going to find it here, unfortunately. The exhale is pretty much unchanged, except that here you can detect a prominent note of vanilla coming through. Combined, these three flavors make a really good vape juice, despite it being a tiny bit underwhelming when it comes to flavor intensity.

The Menthol Keep It 100 Series

9. Blue Slushie Ice

Blue Slushie Ice 100

The best blue raspberry flavor on the market now has a menthol version. If you enjoy blue razz slurpees, but feel that they are a bit lacking in the minty department, this is the juice that you absolutely have to try.

As with the regular version, the inhale is blue raspberry all the way - insanely sweet, with a touch of candy taffy to it. The only difference is that the menthol is very noticeable straight off the bat. It combines great with the raspberry, giving it a hearty kick and really emphasizing the flavor. The exhale downplays the minty freshness but injects a bit of strawberry into the mix, which gives the blend a nice, wholesome fruity taste.

Keep It 100 - A Brand With a Story

Keep It 100 is a vape juice line made by Liquid Labs LLC, a vape juice company started by a young entrepreneur James Fusaro in 2014. Unfortunately, Fusaro died in a tragic car accident in 2016, but not before he instilled in his team a sense of pride about what they were doing. Liquid Labs LLC is still going strong, run by James’ coworkers, business partners, and friends. Propelled by the ideals James himself believed in, in 2017 the company came out with Keep It 100 - a vape juice line that put this New Jersey company on the map.

Although Liquid Labs has been working on private juice formulations for years before that, the company mostly did this for other vape juice brands. Keep It 100 juices are their biggest success, but they have other vape lines, such as Trop Drop, Candy Man, and Drip the Hype.

All Keep It 100 e-liquid flavors are created in a GMP compliant ISO 7 manufacturing facility. Such an investment is a clear indication that these guys are here to stay. It also signals to their vaper fans that they put their safety first - nothing comes out of Liquid Labs that’s not thoroughly tested and clean, you can bet on that.

If you want to give Keep It 100 flavors a try, make sure to visit BuyVapor. We currently have all nine of them stocked, but you better hurry - we can’t guarantee that obsessed vapers won’t buy everything in a matter of days!

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