Kilo E-liquid 1K Pod System Review

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If you haven’t heard about Kilo E-Liquids before, then you have no idea what you have been missing. This reputable vape juice manufacturer has been churning out great stuff consistently, but now the team behind it decided to offer a sensibly priced pod system geared toward beginner vapers who are looking for ease of use coupled with top-notch performance. Enter Kilo 1K - a pod mod that looks great and performs even better. If you’re excited to learn more about it, join us and read on for the full Kilo 1K review!

Kilo 1K Review Intro

Pros: Cons:
Extremely easy to use
Kilo 1K is sold without pods
Great variety of flavors (6 at launch)
350mAh battery not suitable for heavy vapers
Small and stealthy
    Nicotine strength takes some getting used to
      Uses nicotine salts (more potent vape juice)
      Quality make and materials
      Battery can last several hours (if not abused)
      Larger than normal pod capacity

        What Is 1K and Why Should You Consider It

        As we’ve said, 1K is a pod system designed specifically for vapers who are trying to wean themselves off of analog cigarettes. While there are a lot of similar e-cigs out there, Kilo’s pod mod is pretty unique. The best comparison we can make is that it’s pretty similar to the fabled JUUL in terms of design and functionality.

        Other cigalikes, such as the Halo, V2, or Pure struggle with delivering nicotine to users. On the other hand, Kilo 1K uses nicotine salts (as does the JUUL), which can be a lot stronger and are generally more appealing to smokers.

        But enough beating around the bush - let’s dive into this Kilo 1K pod review and examine all the elements before making our final recommendation - buy it or skip it? We’ll see soon enough!


        Kilo 1K comes nicely packaged in a small, red box. The Kilo trademark is clearly visible so you can’t mistake it for anything else. Once you open the box, you will find the 1K carefully nestled in a styrofoam cut-out that helps with damage prevention during transport. Unfortunately, there are no 1K pods included with it so you will have to purchase those separately before you start vaping. We’re not very happy about this - it’s always a good idea to include a free pod so people can taste and evaluate the product before buying a 4-pack and spending any more money. However, Kilo made that call and we have to respect it.

        What’s in the 1K package:

        • Kilo 1K pod system
        • USB cable
        • User Manual

        Before we move on to the descriptive part, we’re guessing you want to know a bit about the features of this system. We will definitely go into more details for some of them, but here’s a quick list to get us started.

        Kilo 1K Package Includes


        • Dimensions: 115mm x 18mm x 9.5 mm (pod included)
        • Pod Capacity: pre-filled 1.5mL
        • Nicotine Strength: 45mg
        • Battery capacity: 350mAh (Rechargeable)
        • Very portable
        • Short circuit protection
        • Anti-leak pod design
        • Activates on the inhale
        • Dual airflow
        • Fast charging

        Design and Aesthetics

        Kilo 1K Design and Function

        If there’s one thing that can be confidently said about the Kilo 1K, it’s that it is the ultimate portable vape. It’s probably just slightly longer than your finger (unless you have really short fingers) and it’s also about the same thickness. Made from high-quality plastic, it has a matte black finish that has a slightly rubbery feel to it so slippage will definitely not be an issue here.

        Although it’s quality incarnate, we suggest being careful while handling it. Kilo 1K might be small and portable, but it’s definitely not unbreakable. Dropping it might cause significant damage to the battery, so you need to be careful with it.

        Other than that, it’s a great little device that fits neatly into your pocket and in the palm of your hand. Once equipped with a pod, it features a diamond-shaped cut-out that allows you to see your juice levels and helps you avoid dry hits.

        One last cool thing about the 1K is that it’s not operated with a fire button. You simply put it between your lips and take a nice, even puff. The system will activate by itself and remain activated as long as you are vaping.

        Pods and Flavors

        Kilo 1K Pods and Vape Juice Flavors

        We’ve already mentioned that pods are not included with the Kilo 1K. However, they can be purchased separately (and affordably). This is one of the great benefits you get from buying a Kilo pod system. The company is world famous for their excellent vape juices, and you’re getting only the best in your pods. Also, Kilo has one-upped JUUL here - pods are readily available and there is no danger that you won’t be able to get your favorite flavors, at least for the time being.

        1K pods are filled with nicotine salts. Essentially, they are just a variation of regular nicotine vape juice, only more potent. Thanks to their production method and chemical composition (salt based instead of free base nicotine), these salts can deliver a better nicotine punch without that nasty throat hit. Right now, all pods are available in 45 mg/mL, though there might be plans to offer a variety of strengths, depending on the popular demand.

        Even before launch, 1K has more options, flavor-wise, than JUUL. Six distinct flavors are available: three of a fruity variety, two of a fruity variety, and one for dessert lovers. Below is a description of each of them.

        • Dewberry Fruit - if you love the melon flavor but wish it was a bit sweeter, this is the right juice for you. Honeydew melon is refreshing, but a handful of berries lend it a real summer feel.
        • Strawberry - the ripest strawberry you’ll ever taste. It’s juicy and sweet, without that artificial taste that a lot of strawberry flavors have today.

        • Lemonberry - for a bit more of a kick, why not try lemon? Lemonberry is a combination of zesty citrus and berries and it also has an icy menthol finish.

        • Menthol Tobacco - if you’re not ready to say goodbye to that tobacco flavor, try this vape juice. It’s a carefully selected tobacco blend, but with a menthol twist at the end.

        • Smooth Tobacco - not a fan of menthol but still want your tobacco hit? Not to worry - Smooth Tobacco is a great combination of tobacco, caramel, and vanilla flavors.

        • Nutty - if you’re more into desserts than anything else, then this will be right up your alley. Nutty features a strong almond flavor with just a hint of cream and vanilla.


        1K Starter Kits Available

        1K Starter Kits

        Kilo 1K Starter Kits include 1K Device and a 4-pack of PODs in your choice of flavor.


        There you have them - all six Kilo 1K flavors, which will be released at the same time as the pod system. Hopefully, we’ll see much more variety in the future, although, we have to say that this is an excellent start.

        Airflow and Stealth Vaping

        Kilo 1K Adjustable Airflow System

        The 1K pods have to adjustable airflow holes on them, which give users a chance to fine-tune their vaping experience. Beginner vapers will appreciate this because a closed airflow (or, rather, restricted) allows for an experience that’s similar to smoking an analog cigarette. Those who are past that stage will enjoy a bit more air and the enhanced flavor that comes with it.

        In a nutshell, 1K pod system was built for convenience and portability, but what came in built-in was its suitability to stealth vaping. This is not a device for cloud-chasers because it doesn’t produce a lot of vapor. If you’re careful, you can vape on it and only exhale a thin wisp of vapor. That makes it perfect for people who do not want to advertise their vaping habit.

        Battery Life and Charging

        Kilo 1K rechargeable

        We were pretty surprised by the fact that Kilo 1K can run a heck of a long time on a full charge. That’s partly because it activates only when you take a puff, which eliminates the possibility of the idle mode draining the battery. However, don’t think you can go crazy with it. The battery is pretty small - only a 350 mAh capacity. This is decent since we’re talking about nic salts, and you probably won’t be sucking on it constantly due to the high nicotine content. Still, if you’re a heavy vaper, you might want to consider having a USB cable handy if you’re heading out. If you only take a couple of puffs every 30 minutes, a full battery charge will last you for a day.


        That said, charging the Kilo 1K is pretty straightforward - simply plug it in and wait for an hour and you’re set. Thanks to its fast-charging technology, you don’t have to sit for hours on end until you can vape again.

        The Final Verdict

        When we weigh in all the pros and cons, we have to say that we believe that Kilo has a winner on their hands! This small, portable vape is still powerful and delivers a pretty good kick. Pair that with the fact that these pods carry some of the best vape juice flavors on the market, and you have a pod system that sells like hotcakes.

        If you want to get your Kilo 1K right away it is available now down below. At BuyVapor you'll always get fast free same-day shipping. Keep in mind that we will have a limited supply at the start so if you want to grab yours as soon as possible, don’t go back and forth for too long. We hoped you liked this Kilo 1K review and if you have any questions make sure to leave a comment.








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