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True Artisans of the Vaping Industry

Kilo E-liquid 

It takes time and dedication to create a good vape juice and no one knows it better than folks over at Kilo E-Liquids. Their commitment to excellence is truly astounding – in the two years that they’ve been in business they’ve put out only 9 flavors on the market. Nine flavors are sold and marketed but tons of others were created and tested. Luckily for customers, Kilo doesn’t put up with half-products and ‘good enough’s’ – if the vape juice isn’t just perfect, it’s scrapped! Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had that approach? The industry wouldn’t be flooded with, let’s say it, crap!

Kilo is a manufacturer of premium, first rate e-juice and this is corroborated by hordes of faithful customers and thousands of purchases of their products every month. Their standard line consists of five distinct (and scrumptious!) flavors:


  • Cereal Milk have a hankering for a bowl of cereal? Surprise your taste buds with just a puff of this cereal-and-milk-scented flavor!
  • Tru Blue – a perfect blend of blueberry and custard that demonstrates how true balance should look like – it will make your mouth water every time!
  • Dewberry Cream – this honeydew cream flavor carries just a little hint of mixed berries with it – nothing overpowering but enough to give it a very special edge!
  • Fruit Whip – need a shot of fruity deliciousness? Dive into the thick vapor produced by Fruit Whip – a flavor that’s a perfect combination of apples and berries mixed with sweet cream!
  • Kiberry Yogurt – a perfect morning vape, Kiberry Yogurt is a blend of yogurt cream, fresh berries, and exotic kiwi – an unlikely combination that always hits a spot!

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However, Kilo is not satisfied with being just another premium vape juice manufacturer. Their flavor cooks are constantly pushing the limit and, recently, Kilo introduced Kilo Black Series. This line of four beyond-premium vape juices comes with special prizes: an empty 30mL unicorn bottle, a keychain with a rubbery battery wrap, and a Kilo dog tag – every order of the Kilo Black Series is a gift that just keeps on giving!


  • Birthday Cake – a mellow flavor of vanilla sponge cake with frosting and sprinkles – that’s what you get with this wonderful vape juice! Happy birthday, folks!
  • Milk and Cookies – ever wondered how chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk taste when put in an atomizer? Wonder no more, just give Milk & Cookies a try and you will know!
  • Apple Pie – a careful blend of juicy green apples and delicious pie crust will saturate your taste buds – Apple Pie is truly a warm, delightful, and sweet vaping experience!
  • Honey Crème – if you have a sweet tooth, Honey Crème is there to make your day – this perfect blend of vanilla ice cream and sweet honey will simply floor you!

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Kilo E-Liquids is a brand that values its customers. Their Facebook page is full of great reviews and praises for their vape juices – go and check it out yourself! They also regularly run giveaways and sweepstakes and have been known to give out exquisite rewards such as a Ford Mustang!


If you’re ready to fall in love in Kilo vape juices, head over to BuyVapor. We keep a supply handy for emergency cases and we get a few of those every day! The truth is, once you go Kilo, there is no turning back!

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