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Now in 60 ML Bottles

Five of the most delicious vape juices on the market can now be bought in practical 60mL bottles right here on BuyVapor - and at great prices, if we may add! We’re talking about the Kilo Original Series which was, up until now, available in 15, 30, and 120mL bottles. That was quite a variety already but we wanted to give you even more choice so we decided to bring in 60Ll as well.

These five flavors don’t need a special introduction if you’re a die-hard vaper - we’re talking about Kiberry Yogurt, Cereal Milk, Dewberry Cream, Tru Blue, and Fruit Whip. All are 70/30 VG/PG blends with impressive vapor production and on point flavor that is simply to die for, to say the least. If you’re a heavy nicotine buff, you will also be delighted to know that these juices are available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 milligrams. If you’re interested in pure originals, you won’t find anything better than the Kilo Original Series.

  • Kiberry Yogurt - a deliciously complex vape juice flavor that features strawberry, kiwi, and yogurt. The ripeness of strawberry on the inhale is perfectly countered by that tanginess of kiwi that engulfs your taste buds halfway through the vape. Freshness on the exhale is the courtesy of a smooth, cool, and tasty yogurt.

  • Cereal Milk - if you’re craving a tasty bowl of cereal but packed conveniently into your tank, then Cereal Milk from the Kilo Original Series is exactly what you’re looking for. The inhale is very reminiscent of the Fruity Trix cereal - fruity and sweet - and the exhale brings the frothiest, creamiest milk that you’ve ever tasted.

  • Dewberry Cream - this mellow vape juice flavor will appeal to vapers who are looking for subtle elegance. A combination of honeydew melon, berries, and cream, Dewberry Cream is one of those vape juices you could vape on all day long - and buy in bulk! Both the melon and the berries are subtle and noticeable on the inhale, while the milk comes in force on the exhale.

  • Tru Blue - Blueberry custard! One of your favorite desserts is now available all bottled up and ready to vape. That refreshing yet zesty taste of ripe blueberries is noticeable right from the first puff and you don’t have to go looking for it. Creamy custard in the background is sweet and doughy and really kicks in on the exhale.

  • Fruit Whip - the smoothest vape of the bunch, Fruit Whip for the Kilo Original Series takes assorted berries, a hint of apple, and whipped cream to create one mesmerizing vape juice. You will pick up the berries immediately on the inhale, as well as a nice background aroma of tart apple. Whipped cream comes into full focus on the exhale (flavor-wise) although it really rounds out the whole juice and makes it mellow throughout your vape session.

  • Kilo Original Series has always been a flagship of Kilo E-liquids. We here at BuyVapor are endeavoring every day to broaden our offer of such premium vape juices and are extremely happy to be able to offer you this opportunity to get new 60mL bottles at great prices. Make good use of it as soon as possible because Kilo is flying off the shelves!

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