M.O.A.B. Ice by Clutch Vapors

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We’ve already made it abundantly clear how we feel about the original M.O.A.B. vape juice by Clutch Vapors - one of the best fruit juices out there and a perfect mix of berries and apples. However, some vapers find the flavor pretty subdued. That’s why Clutch Vapors created M.O.A.B Ice. It’s practically the same vape juice but with the addition of menthol, which gives it depth and a substantial throat hit.

Again, you’ll find mostly apples and berries in this vape juice. The predominant note is that of strawberries but the apple does make an occasional appearance in the background. The menthol is strong with this one, however, so it will mask those other berries with its icy touch. The exhale of M.O.A.B. Ice leaves your taste buds chilled, cleansed and ready for a new puff!

MOAB Ice 60mL Get M.O.A.B. Ice in a 60mL bottle and never run out. It’s a 70/30 VG/PG blend and it’s available in nicotine strength of 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 milligrams. The throat hit on this vape juice is perfect for ex-smokers who are looking for something similar to cigarettes. Also, both vapor production and flavor are simply amazing!

If Clutch Vapors’ regular M.O.A.B isn’t doing the trick for you, try M.O.A.B. Ice. You will get the same flavor but with a healthy dose of menthol iciness! Visit BuyVapor and order your bottle right now!

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