Manic Mint by Cuttwood

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Manic Mint by Cuttwood

Let’s be honest here - menthol and mint vapes are not everyone’s cup of tea. The flavor can be too intensive for some people and for others it’s just...meh. You might very well be one of those people! But what if we told you that you’ve just never met the right mint flavor!? Cue Manic Mint by Cuttwood, the best minty vape juice ever! Manic Mint is part of CuttWood’s Reimagined Series and has all the hallmarks of this exquisite line - spot on flavor, clean profile, and absolutely no fuss!

Manic Mint’s purpose is to make you fall in love with it and you won’t be able to escape that. The inhale is all about that gentle spearmint that tickles the taste buds as it slowly glides down your palate. There’s nothing overwhelming with this juice. In fact, it only works because it’s so perfectly balanced and doesn’t throw all that menthol right in your face. The exhale is tempered with a bit of sugar that brings out the sweetness of the juice, while spearmint takes a backseat for a while.

Minic Mint Cuttwood

You can get Manic Mint in 16.5, 30, and 60mL bottles and in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, and 12 milligrams. It is a 70/30 VG/PG blend which means plenty of vapor for all you cloud chasers while the flavor stays consistent and strong throughout the vape!

If you’re usually not into minty vape flavors, Manic Mint might be the one to change your mind. Delicate and subdued, it’s a perfect way to refresh yourself after a long day - as well as a perfect way to prepare for a kiss when you don’t have any chewing gum. Visit BuyVapor right now to order Cuttwood’s Manic Mint - you will be pleasantly surprised!

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