Minnesota's Fires Drop

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Drop in Fires Connected to Vaping 

Smoking-related fires cause billions of dollars in material damages and numerous deaths across the United States every year. For example, there were 49 fire-related deaths in Minnesota last year alone. However, recent data suggests that smoking-related fires are in decline, at least in that one state.


Minnesota State Fire Marshal, Bruce West, says that they are now on a trajectory to have the lowest number of fire-related deaths in history. He also states that there is a definite correlation between fewer fires and the increase in vaping. ‘The number one identified cause of fires is the use of combustible cigarettes. So people either quitting smoking or moving to vaping, that could be one of the underlying reductions in this’, says Marshal West.


Even though this has yet to be confirmed, it’s not a big surprise. Vaping is saving lives on so many levels, it’s absolutely ridiculous that it isn’t encouraged by the government. This type of positive news is definitely something we need more of!


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