Mod Blows Up in Man’s Face

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Guess What? Entirely His Fault!

Andrew Hall of Pocatello, Idaho was vaping away calmly (in his bathroom, where else) when a hybrid mechanical mod exploded in his face, knocking out 7 of his teeth and causing extensive burns on his face. At the same time, the mod managed to scorch the ceiling of his bathroom AND break his sink in the process - just how, remains to be seen.

This is a horrible story, right? Care to bet that anti-vaping crowd will be using it to demonize vaping again? Of course they will, and they already are! However, most of them don’t have their facts right.

Mr. Hall first said that all his gear is assembled and maintained in a vape shop (unlikely, since vape shops don’t have that luxury anymore). Then, after publishing the photos of his setup he recanted that. Why? Because it can be clearly seen that he was using a hybrid mechanical mod that he was powering with an HG2 battery - definitely a big no-no, safety-wise. Furthermore, he admitted to using a 0.06 build. How many 20 amp batteries can manage a 70 amp drain. None that we know of.

We wish Mr.Hall all the best - it truly looks like a painful experience. If he ever decides to take up vaping again, we strongly advise he learn a bit more about it. For the rest of you out there - use safe builds and safe batteries! Stay safe and vape on!

Original post by Michael Nunez

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