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3 New Entries by Naked 100 E-liquids

Naked 100 vape juices were launched in 2016 (which is just recently) but still they’ve managed to capture the hearts and taste buds of tens of thousands of vapers. Their Lava Flow and Amazing Mango juices have a special place in the tanks of anyone who’s ever tried them. However, Naked 100 didn’t stop there - since then they’ve created multiple vape juice lines, including Naked 100 Menthol Series, Naked 100 Tobacco Series, and Naked 100 Candy Series.

The newest addition to their vast collection is the Naked 100 Cream Series. Consisting of four separate flavors at this time, this vape juice series is all about delicate desserts and smooth fruity flavors.

We’ll be presenting three out of those four in this post - Berry Lush is coming soon so hold tight!

All new Naked 100 Cream Series flavors come in 60mL bottles. They are 70/30 VG/PG blends with great vapor production and an exquisite aroma that keeps throughout the vape. New Naked 100 vape juices are available in 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg nicotine strengths, so now you can order your own bottle even if you need a larger-than-usual nicotine hit.

Let’s dig into the flavor profiles so you know exactly what you’re missing out on if you decide to give this flavors a pass (something we definitely advise against doing!):

Naked 100 Cream Flavors 60mL

  • Naked Unicorn - delicious ripe strawberry that will fill your mouth with a sensational taste. The smell taste reveals a nice, natural strawberry flavor right from the beginning. Both the inhale and the exhale are smooth, with loads of strawberry flavor and noticeable creaminess that can be detected in the background.


  • Go Nanas - ripest bananas you’ve ever tasted! Go Nanas vape juice takes that natural sweetness of sun-bathed bananas and transforms it into an all-day vape. It’s all topped with delicious, velvety creaminess on the exhale. If you’re looking for an authentic fruity vape, give Go Nanas a try - you won’t regret it.

  • Azul-Berries - this vape juice is a mix of berries with just a touch of cream in the background. The most prominent notes on the inhale are blueberry and raspberry (hence azul berries) - sweet, juicy, and ripe, with just a touch of tartness on the side. The exhale rounds it all nicely with a dollop of creamy delight!

    Get your cream on with these 3 new flavors in the Naked 100 Cream Series! If you’re a fan of fruity and smooth, this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Order yours right now on BuyVapor and hurry up - they are selling like hotcakes!

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