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Naked 100 Liquid – Letting All Their Awesomeness Just Hang There


Indecent, devilish, and mind-blowingly tasty – that’s how we could describe every single flavor that Naked 100 comes up with. This line is all about clean lines and distinctive tastes – strawberry is strawberry and not some chemical compound cooked up in a lab to loosely resemble that fruit and melon always tastes like melon – fresh, crisp, and juicy as hell!


You might call Naked 100 a sub-brand, for the lack of a better word. The entire line hails from sunny California and is manufactured by reputable vape juice makers, Schwartz E-Liquids. They are known for their other lines such as The Schwartz, Grimm Creations, and Faded Vapes but Naked 100 is slowly but surely making a mark of its own, as well.


It’s safe to say that these guys know what they are doing – they’ve been at this for years and they are pretty good at making all-day vape juices that are sure to become fan favorites.


The Naked 100 brand consists of 9 different flavors so you can take your pick. Every single one is a winner in our opinion but, still, we’re not above playing favorites so here are our (biased) picks:

Naked 100 Flavor Line Up

  • Green Blast – this exciting mix of Honeydew, apple, and kiwi will light a fire under your taste buds and leave you wanting more – always more!
  • Amazing Mango – experience tropical paradise with this exciting new vape that combines fresh mango and juicy peach – a perfect way to get in the vacation mood!
  • Frost Bite – cantaloupe, pineapple, and crisp Honeydew are a perfect recipe for a refreshing vape juice. Add a hint of menthol to that and your icy breath will never again taste as good.
  • Hawaiian POG – if you’re idea of a good vape juice is all about sweetness, don’t look elsewhere. Orange, passion fruit, and guava will sate your craving in a heartbeat.
  • Lava Flow an eruption of good flavor awaits you with Lava Flow! A strong aroma of strawberries mixes beautifully with coconut and pineapple in this little bottle of delight.
  • Very Berry – all berries – all the time! Blueberry, raspberry, and Blackberry are the perfect way to start your day, especially when they’ve been dipped in freezing menthol!

(View All Naked 100 Liquid Flavors Here)

And that’s just one (delicious!) part of Naked 100 flavors .The other’s you’re going to have to discover yourself. It won’t be too hard – you can find them all on our product pages. All Naked 100 juices are available in 60mL bottles, exclusively. That’s a good thing, trust us. If you could order any less, you probably would and then you’d have to order again in a week!


If you haven’t yet, make sure to like Naked 100 vape juices on Facebook – they are always running giveaways with some really cool and exciting prizes. You will also get a first-hand opportunity to see how the brand is winning over the hearts of vapers – one flawless bottle at a time.


If you’re already sold on Naked 100 then all you have to do is visit BuyVapor and fill up your shopping cart with all these wonderful vape juices – we’ll take care of the rest!

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