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Best All-American Vape Juice Brands

Are you a proud American? A healthy dose of national pride is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your ability to respect other nations and cultures. First observed in 1921, the Americanization Day, as it was then called, was created to celebrate American freedom and way of life. Luckily, the name was scrapped and it was renamed Loyalty Day, and made a recurring holiday in 1958 by President Dwight Eisenhower. It has been celebrated on the 1st of May for the last 59 years.

We at BuyVapor appreciate our customers and their loyalty. That’s why we have our Vapor Rewards program.

  • 1 Vapor Point for every $1 spent on BuyVapor
  • 25 Vapor Points when you register
  • 50 Vapor points for every referral
  • 2-3 Vapor points for liking and sharing our social media posts

Collect Vapor Rewards with every purchase and then exchange them for amazing discounts:

  • 50 Vapor Points = $5
  • 100 Vapor Points = $10
  • 300 Vapor Points = $35

To commemorate this Loyalty Day, we’re presenting you with a short list of All-American vape juice manufacturers offering great flavors. Their supreme taste will make you a proud American vaper so don’t miss an opportunity to support local economy. Also, remember to use your Vapor Points for a discount at the checkout!

Holdfast Vapors

For three years now, Holdfast Vapors has been manufacturing great vape juices that hit that sweet spot every single time. Their original line has 5 different flavors with pirat-y names such as Jaws, Mutiny, and Port Royal. They’ve also recently released a sour-sweet vape juice line called Sour Dream.

Uncle Junk’s Genius Vape Juice

Created by a passionate vaper and an ex-smoker on a mission to help others ditch that dirty habit, Uncle Junk’s Vape Juice is truly something genius. Currently, you can enjoy two different lines: Uncle Junk’s Original and Uncle Junk’s Fog Cabin. Blue Fog, Just Bettie, and Badd Nana vape juice flavors are classics you don’t want miss out on!

Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is currently one of the most revered American vape juice manufacturers. A huge variety of unusual flavors definitely helps here - Head Bangin’ Boogie and SlamBerry scoop up awards on every vape expo they enter. If you’re looking for an explosion of flavors you don’t need to look far - turn to Charlie and his team of professional juice cooks and prepare to be amazed!

Cuttwood Vapors

Cuttwood is slowly becoming a national treasure, at least for the vaping community. This vape juice manufacturer set up shop in sunny California and there’s a reason it’s called the Sauce Boss. Their vape juices regularly win prizes on vape expos around the world and Unicorn Milk is still one of the best-selling juices worldwide.

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