National Public Health Week

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How to Get Involved

In 1995, the United States had their first full week devoted entirely to public health. The initiative was started because the American Public Health Association thought (rightfully) that the American citizens were woefully ignorant about public health - the measures taken by the government to improve it and how they themselves could contribute to it.

22 years later, things are a bit different. The National Public Health Week is close, beginning on the 1st of April and ending on the 9th. More people know about it and more people get involved each year.

What is it all about?

The ‘public health’ - it almost sounds socialist, right? However, associations involved with it play a vital role in our society. Thanks to them, people are focusing more and more on prevention, speaking up on fair health policies, and championing the role of a vigorous, strong public health system.

An average US citizen lives nearly 20 years longer than his fellow citizens that lived not even a 100 years ago. Still, race, economic status, and gender are likely to influence how long and how healthy you’re going to live. Even rich, white American citizens can expect to live a shorter life than their peers in other 1st-world countries in the world.

The role of the American Public Health Association and the purpose of the National Public Health Week is to ensure that the gap that divides Americans from the rest of the world - at least when it comes to life expectancy - closes.

A healthy society is a prerequisite for a healthy economy. Together, they create a nation of prosperity and happiness.

Healthy Life


What Can You Do?

The Flint water disaster is a striking and shameful event that underlined the fact that our public health is very far from where we want it to be. It’s up to all of us to make sure that things like that never happen again.

There are several things that you can do to pitch in in this fight:

  • Live a healthy life - exercise, eat healthily and speak up against injustice, discrimination and double healthcare standards whenever you can.

  • Check your home - at least 35 million homes in the US contain one or more health hazards, including lead, radon, mold, and more. Check your home thoroughly and make sure that you’re living in a healthy environment.

  • Understand the connection between health and environment - unhealthy and polluted environment is a breeding ground for diseases. Be aware of you impact on the environment and contribute to cleaning it up, not polluting it more.

  • Write to your representatives - infrastructure is key - accessible healthy food, safe walkways, health clinics, and more. Make your voice heard and write to your representatives in the government, telling them that these are the issues their constituency cares deeply about.

How to Get Involved in the National Public Health Week Activities

The American Public Health Association holds numerous events during the first week of April. These range from screenings and lectures to outdoor group exercises. These events are being held in nearly every state and you can check them out right here. We encourage you to participate if there’s anything on the list you like.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing scheduled for our home state, Utah and all of us at BuyVapor are extremely disappointed with that. However, if you would like to host an event - screening, lecture, panel, group exercise activity - you can submit it right here and it will be added to the National Public Health Week calendar.

Public Health & Vaping - Where’s the Connection?

It’s pretty obvious where the connection is, right? The whole purpose of the National Public Health Week is to educate people in ways of disease prevention and safety. Now, we’re not claiming that vaping is safe, healthy, or anything else like that. We can’t back it up and we’re happy to leave that to scientists and doctors.

But where are they? Why is the United States one of the few countries in the world hell bent on banning vaping? Where are the peer-reviewed studies? Where’s the initiative?

We, and a lot of other vapers, would love to see concrete evidence that vaping is as harmful as smoking. Isn’t that in the interest of public health? If there’s the slightest possibility that switching to vaping could be beneficial to smokers, isn’t that something worth looking into?

The UK has done a lot of progress in that direction. Their doctors are free to recommend vaping as a part of an NRT therapy to their patients. Do they know something we don’t? And if so, what the hell is it?

There’s not much we can do about this except continue to pressure our representatives and the government to rethink their stance. In the meantime, keep healthy and get involved - it’s time to set an example on how to live healthier lives and how hat would benefit every facet of our society.

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