No Link Between E-Cigs and Increased Desire to Smoke

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No Link Between E-Cigs and Increased Desire to Smoke

A qualitative research was conducted by the Center for Substance Use Research (CSUR) on whether or not seeing someone vape increased the desire to smoke among non-smokers. The research was conducted on 100 participants, ages between 16 and 29 – all non-smokers.

The results showed that seeing someone vape didn’t increase the participants’ desire to smoke. On the contrary, vaping made smoking seem even less appealing. 60% of participants did admit that they became curious about vaping when they saw someone doing it but only 20 people actually tried it. Out of those 20, none continued using the devices.

This research shows that claims about public vaping is increasing the desire to smoke among young people are absolute nonsense. If anything, vaping makes combustible cigarettes even less ‘cool’ or appealing. Dr. Neil McKeganey, the lead researcher, says that further research on e-cigs is needed but that restrictions that force manufacturers to design cigarette-looking vape devices can be counterproductive because they would cause confusion.

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