NY Governor Cuomo Pushes for Vape Tax

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Cites False Youth Endangerment Data

It’s been little over a month since Surgeon General’s office released their bogus report on vaping and it’s already doing irreparable damage to the industry. New York Governor Cuomo is trying to push a tax on vape juices as a part of the state budget, claiming concern that vaping is targeting youth and underage users - even though there isn’t a single piece of research published that can support those claims.

In his proposal, Cuomo aims to tax all e liquids, regardless of whether they, in fact, contain nicotine. If this proposal passes, 30mil e liquid bottles that are currently on sale for approximately $20 will cost $23 - an increase of 10 cents per 1 milliliter.

Of course, we all know what’s really behind this. State’s tobacco tax revenue has been going down thanks to declining number of smokers (which, we’re happy to say, can be partly attributed to some of those smokers switching to vaping) and the Governor is trying to make up for the difference by dipping into the pockets of vapers. This is not the first time that vaping has been in the cross-sights of someone from the Cuomo family. Earlier, Governor’s sister Margaret, a celebrity doctor, has falsely linked vaping to increased risk for some types of cancer in a video published by Huffington Post (needless to say, all her claims have been debunked).

Come on vapers, dish - who stepped on Cuomo family’s toes?

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