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Muffin Man came on stage in March 2015 – a delicious vape juice that took the vaping world by surprise. It was manufactured by a company named One Hit Wonder. We remember thinking it’s going to be a shame if this company lives up to its name.

Luckily for all of us, that didn’t happen. One Hit Wonder didn’t just dazzle the community with Muffin Man vape juice and then disappeared. They stuck around, invested time, money, and ingenuity in their passion and made 8 other distinct vape juice flavors.

It’s important to note that One Hit Wonder e liquids are produced in Los Angeles and that ingredients used are thoroughly vetted and certainly premium. This is true for nicotine as well – it’s TruNic, 100% USA grown and extracted liquid nicotine. For people at One Hit Wonder, the health of their customers and vapers, in general, is the number one concern.

When it comes to flavors, there is something here for everyone. Muffin Man vape juice was a big hit, with its spot-on representation of cinnamon-glazed apple pie – you could swear you were eating a tart Granny Smith apple baked with a delicious crust and not vaping an e liquid.

The quality of other flavors never faltered. Some of them are:

One Hit Wonder Flavor Lineup

  • The Man – formerly known as The Milk Man, this vape juice changed the name, but not its awesome recipe. It’s a delectable combination of ripe strawberries and frothy milk that will win you over faster than you can say ‘strawberry milkshake’!
  • My Man – a vape flavor that transports you back to your childhood – enjoy a swirl of your three favorite ice-cream flavors, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, and say hello to your new all-day vape!
  • Police Man – if all donuts taste like the Police Man vape juice, it’s a small wonder police officers adore them! Kidding aside, if you’re looking for a breakfast-infused vape juice, this combination of donuts and cereal will be right up your alley.
  • Rocket Man – shaking things up, here comes the Rocket Man! A great combo of blueberry, nuts, and Greek yogurt, this vape juice is the proof that wacky combinations make for tasty, delicious flavors!

The newest addition to the One Hit Wonder vape juice family is Magic Man – a trifecta of fruity flavors where the watermelon reigns supreme. We’re hoping to add this vape juice to our offer here on BuyVapor sooner rather than later!

When it comes to prices, One Hit Wonder’s vape juices have to be the most competitively priced premium juices on the planet! Less than $60 for 180mL – that’s a bargain! You will also get two empty 15ml unicorn bottles so you always have your favorite vape juice ready to go. All flavors are mixed 80/20 in favor of VG – great flavor and plenty of vapor are both guaranteed.

To keep on top of One Hit Wonder news, make sure to like their Facebook page – if you’re lucky you might be able to snatch some of the juices during one of their frequent giveaways. If not, you can always check out what others are saying about their flavors and learn firsthand why One Hit Wonder e liquids are so damn popular! After that, come back to us here at BuyVapor and order jumbo-sized bottles of your favorite flavors at bargain prices!

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