Outrage Orange by CuttWood

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Outrage Orange by CuttWood

Outrage Orange goes back to the basics by combining a handful of delicious ingredients and blending them in such a way that your taste buds simply go berserk at the slightest whiff! Vape juices do not have to be complicated. They don’t need 15 different flavors in them to make them work - actually, that’s why most of those overkills don’t work! CuttWood’s Outrage Orange is the living proof of how one carefully developed and layered flavor can quickly become your all-day favorite!

Outrage Orange is a glass of orange juice packed in a small bottle. The inhale is sweet and aromatic but as you go through it you’ll quickly notice a very refreshing back note that helps the flavor along. It’s citrusy and slightly acidic but it doesn’t overpower Outrage Orange’s initial sweetness. There also a slight sourness that creeps up on you on the exhale, helping to keep the flavor fresh and pulling you back for more after every puff.

Outrage Orange Cuttwood

You can find Outrage Orange on BuyVapor in bottle sizes of 16.5, 30, and 60mL, as well as in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, and 12 milligrams. This is a 70/30 VG/PG blend that carries the flavor throughout the vape and produces copious amounts of vapor - cloud chasers will simply love it!

Tired of bland citrusy e liquids that have had all the flavor sucked out of them? Check out Outrage Orange, the superstar of CuttWood’s new Reimagined Series! All flavor, all orange - find it on BuyVapor and order your bottle (or bottles!) now!

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