Parsec by Space Jam

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Parsec by Space Jam


Parsec is a complicated thing – a measure so convoluted that you need a physics diploma to wrap your head around it. However, Parsec from Space Jam is no walk in the park, either. A recipe so complex yet so subtle that it’s been making cloners scratch their heads in confusion for years now. There’s no point in trying to crack this one, boys – Space Jam’s Parsec is one of a kind, that is for sure!


The best way to describe Parsec is to invite you to close your eyes and imagine yourself on a tropical island. Imagine the scorching sun and the blue, blue sea stretching in front of you. Every breath you take is smooth as a baby’s bottom, filled with the scent of ripe mangos. Every once in a while, you feel a familiar tang of zesty, sweet oranges, so juicy you can almost sink your teeth into them.


That’s what Parsec is all about!


Space Jam ParsecThis premium e liquid is available in 15 and 30mL bottles and it’s a part of Space Jam’s High VG series, meaning that the blend is 70/30 VG/PG. It’s mixed in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 milligrams – if you’re looking for a nicotine hit, Parsec can definitely provide one.


Visit BuyVapor and buy yourself an exquisite bottled journey around the world of intense tropical flavors. Orange, mango, and sweet cream make for a unique blend that is going to surprise your taste buds with every new inhale!

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