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Rally Against a Draconian 40% Vaping Tax

Vape Shop Owners Rally Pennsylvania’s 40% tax on vaping products went to effect October 1st and will destroy hundreds of businesses unless something is done about it. This controversial law mandates a 40% tax on the wholesale price of vapor products but it doesn’t stop there. It applies retroactively and introduces a 40% floor tax on all the existing stock businesses have in their inventory.

The protesters gathered on the steps of the Capitol in Harrisburg on September 26th in an attempt to appeal to the local lawmaker and block the law. Unfortunately, their voices went unheard at the time despite the large crowd and mainstream media coverage– nearly 450 people peacefully demonstrated their disagreement with the said law.

However, organizers still maintain that the rally was successful seeing how an alternative bill (House Bill 2342) passed the finance committee without attached amendments. This new bill is considered an alternative solution and would replace the 40% tax with a 5-cent per milliliter vape juice tax.

If you want to get involved you can do that by emailing Gov. Tom Wolf’s office asking his endorsement of House Bill 2342.

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