Repeal the FDA’s deeming e-cig regulations

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Rep. Duncan Hunter Continues His Vaping Crusade, This Time With a Letter to Trump

President Trump has made his fair share of executive decisions over the past 10 days since his inauguration. Rep. Duncan Hunter recently penned a letter to the President, asking him to make one more - suspend or repeal the FDA’s deeming e cigarette regulations.

Rep. Hunter, who has already caught the eye of vapers by vaping in Congress (much to the chagrin of his colleagues), also wrote to VP Mike Pence with the same plea - to stop the FDA from destroying an industry and causing thousands of people to be left out of a job.

He proposes some concrete actions on how to accomplish this. Suspending or repealing the ruling would do the trick but that’s going to take time. In the meantime, Rep. Hunter advises postponing the filing deadline for new products to August 8th, 2020. That would give some breathing room to all those involved until further action can be taken.

We thank Rep. Hunter for his support and we hope that his efforts yield some tangible results as soon as possible!

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