Screwing with Customer Care

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How the FDA Deeming Regulation is Screwing with Customer Care


With the Internet, practically everything we need is only a click away. We don’t have to get out of our comfy chairs to book tickets for events, buy furniture, or even have our groceries delivered. Still, plenty of vapers enjoyed visiting their local vape shops for a cup of conversation, a bit of vape juice tasting, and an advice or two.


You probably noticed a huge difference in vape shops since August 8th, however. In the past, the employees would be tripping over themselves to offer you free samples to taste, or to help you with your device in any way they could. These days, they stand there as mutes because they are not allowed to touch your device and they have to charge for samples! Most vape shop owners are embarrassed about this but it really can’t be helped. Doing anything else would mean that they are committing a violation. So, they instruct their employees to sell and pray to God that you know how to use your device.


However, some vape shops are encouraging their frequent visitors to show up at their store wearing a t-shirt that say ‘I don’t work here, I can help you’ and to help newbies with any issues they might have with their equipment. This is a temporary fix so make sure you fight for your right to vape – support your local organizations and help raise awareness about benefits of vaping!


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