Senator Schumer Cracks Down on Exploding E-Cigarettes

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Senator Schumer Cracks Down on Exploding E-Cigarettes

Democratic representative of New York, Senator Charles Schumer is pressuring the government to consider recalling exploding e-cigarettes from the market. Schumer cites the FDA findings that state that there were 66 reported incidents of e-cigarettes exploding in 2015 and 2016. Now, we’re sure that there were more cases than that but they simply aren’t a big deal to vapers, especially when they happen without an injury, so they mostly go unreported.

While we completely agree that faulty devices should be kept away from the market, we would also like to point out that most devices are safe if handled properly.

However, e-cigarettes would be a lot safer if the industry was allowed to continue to innovate and work on the solutions to those problems. Unfortunately, the FDA’s deeming regulation is making that nearly impossible. Instead of urging the FDA to investigate deeper, Sen. Schumer should maybe use his influence to get them to ease up with the regulations so that industry’s innovators can actually work on the problems.

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