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Small Business Owner Urges US Congress to Save the Vaping Industry


Lucas Anderson, a vaping business owner and a passionate vapor, asks US Congress to intervene and save the vaping industry from an impending demise as soon as the Houses reconvene in December. Anderson claims that vaping improved his quality of life dramatically and that he was able to help other people through his vape shop uBlaze located in Billings, Montana.


Unfortunately, Anderson will be forced to close his small shop and fire ten employees only two years after he started his business. He expresses great regret that this alternative to smoking is being over-regulated and, essentially, killed by the FDA’s deeming ruling.


He also notes that it’s quite ironic that other countries in the world, including the UK, are endorsing vaping as a smoking cessation tool while the US is doing everything in its power to dissuade smokers from switching to it. It’s estimated that the vaping industry in the US employs close to 50,000 people and most of them will be out of a job if something is not done fast.


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