Opinions Needed from Small Vaping Businesses

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Small Vaping Businesses Need to Voice Their Opinion in FTC's Notice


Federal Trading Commission is an agency that promotes market competition and serves to protect consumer rights. Right now, their attention is focused on the vaping industry. A year ago, the agency issued a Federal Register Notice, requesting information about sales and marketing of vaping products. They collected 37 comments – far too few to get a good insight into this expanding industry. Soon they will be asking for public comments once again.


Vaping experts are urging small business owners in the vaping industry to reach out and send their comments to the FTC by using this form. This agency is charged with deciding how vaping products will be marketed in the future, a decision that’s going to affect everyone in the industry. If you don’t make your voice heard this time, chances are that the policies the FTC creates are not going to be favorable. Do your part right now and make your voice heard – it’s going to take a couple of minutes of your time but it may very well be crucial in keeping the entire industry afloat.


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