Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood

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Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood

When kids enter a candy store their eyes immediately glaze over, they are mesmerized. Their saliva glands go into overdrive, throwing their taste buds into a complete frenzy. They’re enchanted and mesmerized by sugary bliss that’s right in front of them.

Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood E liquidThat is exactly how vapers feel when they are in the presence of Sugar Drizzle, the ultimate dessert vape juice cooked up by those flavor wizards over at Cuttwood. Originally called Sugar Bear, this vape juice changed its name to better describe the effect it has on your mouth – they literally start running and drizzling!

The first thing that hits you on the inhale is that brown molasses sugary bliss. The note of caramelized sugar in Sugar Drizzle is right on spot and will delight all vapers yearning for an all-day vape dessert ejuice. As it engulfs your taste buds, you get a strong flavor of Crème Brûlée which gives Sugar Drizzle a very smooth and even taste.

But wait – the real kicker is to follow. As you start to think that this vape juice can’t possibly throw any more surprises your way, you get that hint of strong cinnamon that really puts the whole experience over the top! Sweet, creamy, with a bit of that cinnamon tang – that’s what Sugar Drizzle is all about!

The name it goes by is completely irrelevant – whether you call it Sugar Drizzle or Sugar bear this vape juice still tastes heavenly! Make sure to get your fill here at BuyVapor and satisfy that craving sweet tooth that has been bothering you for a while now!

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