Taylorsville Smoke Shop into a Premium Vape Store

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How We Transformed Taylorsville Smoke Shop into a Premium Vape Store

As promised, we’re back with the rest of our story about how we took a smoke shop in Taylorsville and turned it into one of our city’s best vape shops! You will probably remember from our previous post that we had to do this in order to obtain a Tobacco Retail License. We decided on Taylorsville since we believe that the local vaping community deserves a quality vape shop in the vicinity.

Well, to tell you the truth, we had our work cut out for us. Even though we did have a fairly clear picture of what we wanted to accomplish with the general style and look of our shop, we struggled with the execution. We knew we had to hire a contractor if we wanted to do it right. JD, our go-to contractor from now on, stepped up to the plate for us and we’re eternally grateful to him.

From Clutter to Simplicity

We wanted a clean and modern look for our vape shop. No bells and whistles, no clutter, and no distractions. Our primary concern was the comfort of our customers, and we aimed to create a space where they can casually browse our collection with no pressure and no strings attached. The old smoke shop was an eyesore – aisles and aisles of merchandise, crowded feel, and thousands of products on display.

Smoke Shop Before

We were going for the exact opposite of all that.

With JD’s help we got rid of old, junky fixtures and threw a new coat of shiny white color on the walls. Everybody pitched in – the BuyVapor team isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty! 


While there were some minor delays during the renovation we’re very happy with the relatively short amount of time it took us to make the place presentable; we managed to do it in under 2 months! 

The End Result – A Modern, Clean Vape Shop


Today, BuyVapor Taylorsville vape shop is a poster child for a clean, lean, and mean look. We installed glass wall displays in an effort to achieve a spacious, un-crammed feel for our shop. These wall displays came all the way from Duluth, Georgia but they were definitely worth the wait.


From brand new hardwood floors to cutting-edge bladeless Exhale fans on the ceiling, BuyVapor shop now looks and feels like a 21st-century specialized store ready to kick some ass and take names. We’re especially proud of our signage. The guys at Impact Signs really did a great job with it and our storefront just lights up when it gets dark.

BuyVapor Taylorsville, UT Vape Shop

 We feel that the sleek and simple design we’ve accomplished here tells our customers exactly what we’re all about – we’re about top quality products, superb customer care, and lightning speed delivery.

Streamlined and efficient – no more, no less.

That’s why we have limited display space in the store – we’re not about up-selling, cross-selling, or getting you to buy things you don’t need. We’re there to lend you a helping hand in getting the vaping gear you want and need. Our inventory is in storage, where it belongs, and we showcase only new merchandise and our top selling products. Of course, if you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean we don’t have it. Reach out to our friendly store managers if you have any questions or can’t find something you’re looking for. They will help you in a heartbeat.

Our work on BuyVapor Taylorsville Vape Shop is still far from over. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please leave them in the comments section. Better yet, stop by and tell us in person. We would love to hear your suggestions and give you a quick tour of the place. Also, stayed tuned for our next post – we’ll tell you why our grand opening event was a smashing success!

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