The Lost Fog Collection

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Cosmic Fog’s Creamy Delight

It’s really rare to find a vape juice company that you can’t fault for something, especially when you are a seasoned vaper. There is always that little bone to pick, no matter how good the juices are. Well, Cosmic Fog Vapors is a real challenge in that respect. A vape juice company that consistently exceeds expectations and sets the bar so high that we wonder if other vape juice companies will ever be able to compete. So it’s really not surprising that their Lost Fog Collection is kicking it out of the park!

Lost Fog vape juice line was originally launched in the spring of 2015 as a High VG Cosmic Fog line. It has since established itself as one of the best fruity/creamy lines on the market. Even though only four vape juices comprise the line, it’s difficult to say which one of them takes the cake. The Lost Fog has been consistently voted one of the best vape juice lines by editors and staff of prominent vape publications such as the VapeMagazine, E-Cigarettes Reviewed, and Vaping360. Such high praise coming from veteran vapers tells you all you need to know about how good these e juices really are.

The Lost Fog vape juices were inspired culinary delights around the world - from the Mediterranean and the European north to exotic islands in the southern hemisphere. These four Michelin-star masterpieces were months in the making, as Cosmic Fog Vapors pride themselves on best ingredients and thoroughly tested e liquids.

  • Streak - a mythological (and delicious) flavor of a Greek breakfast - handpicked Gaviota strawberries mixed with refreshing Greek yogurt. Can you think of a better way to start your day? We didn’t think so!

  • Baie Creme - this blend of sweet and zesty fruits will transport you to a tropical paradise in an instant. The smoothest ride ever, thanks to just a touch of creamed honey that’s hidden in this flavor.

  • Neon Creme - orange, lemon, and lime - a citrus blend that will leave your taste buds tingling with excitement! And that touch of sweet raspberry on the exhale? Simply sublime!

  • Dapple Whip - if you are looking for a smooth, creamy vape with a hint of delicious caramel, you’ve come to the right place! Dapple Whip is a sugary blast from the past that will knock you off your feet.

(View All Lost Fog Vape Juice Flavors Here) 

All Lost Fog flavors are 70/30 VG/PG blends that carry flavor throughout the vape and produce huge plumes of vapor. Regardless of whether you are a flavor or cloud chaser, you can’t go wrong with either of these vape juices. Cosmic Fog Vapors are constantly adding new stuff to their collections - if you want to keep an eye on whether the Lost Fog collection gets a 5th member, make sure to like their Facebook page! You might get lucky and win a bottle or two in one of their frequent giveaways!

Ok, all you fruit and cream nuts, there you have it - the Lost Fog collection which is tailor-made to dazzle your taste buds. Visit BuyVapor any time and get your fill of the creamiest vape juice concoctions on this side of the Milky Way! Also, hurry up - these are selling like hotcakes!

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