The Man by One Hit Wonder

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The Man by One Hit Wonder

Strawberry and milk – definitely a flavor profile that has been done to death.

Is that what you're thinking? Does the vape world really need another strawberry and milk/cream flavor?

Well, let's put it like this: if it were up to us, all other similar flavors could simply disappear, as long as we had a regular supply of One Hit Wonder’s The Man – it’s just so damn good!

The Man was previously known under the name Milk Man. For various reasons that are completely irrelevant (and legal…and boring) the name of the juice was changed and it’s now known as The Man – which suits it much better if you ask us!

Nothing else changed – the flavor recipe is still the same closely guarded secret!

The inhale on The Man is a sweet, ripe strawberry with very full flavor – strong and nearly overpowering. The exhale still retains a lot of that strawberry sweetness but it’s tempered with frothy milk. The best way to describe this vape juice is to say that it tastes like strawberry-scented clouds dipped in cream and sprinkled with sugar!

The Man by One Hit Wonder

The Man (or The Milk Man, whichever you prefer) by One Hit Wonder is available in 180mL bottles only but at a super affordable price. You will also get two empty 10ml unicorn bottles with your order so you don’t have to lug around 180 milliliters all the time. This is an 80/20 VG/PG blend and it is available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6 milligrams.

Head over to BuyVapor and order a milkshake strawberry combination that was designed to rule them all – a perfect marriage of ripe strawberries and silky cream! An instant taste buds overload, this vape juice will have you head over heels about it immediately after that first inhale!

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