Time Bomb – Buckshot Vapor's Ultimate Vape Juice Collection

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Time Bomb – Buckshot Vapor's Ultimate Vape Juice Collection

Buckshot Vapors have been around for years and have helped to shape the vape juice industry in more ways than one. Founded by Greg and Alena, both passionate smokers (ex-smokers since they were introduced to vaping!), the goal of this vape juice company has always been to produce top notch vape flavors and push the boundaries of innovation as far as they would go.

Time Bomb is also manufactured in sunny California, more accurately, in Costa Mesa. California is a dream place for vape juice manufacturers, it seems – they are popping up like mushrooms after a good rain. That’s a good thing – if that wasn’t the case we wouldn’t have this exquisite line to enjoy. Much like the weather there, Time Bomb collection by Buckshot Vapors is light, whimsical, and mostly just sunshine and rainbows!

Time Bomb collection was created as a response to the great reception of their first vape juice collection, Buckshot Juices. It’s a premium vape juice line that features many ‘extravagant’ flavors that you’re going to be hard pressed to find anywhere else. That’s one thing we love about Buckshot Vapors and all their collections – they are not afraid to experiment and bring forward the most ridiculous flavors for us to try! The great thing about it – all those vape flavors are simply amazing!

Time Bomb Vapors

Time Bomb is made up of a few distinct vape flavors:

  • TNT – a fruit flavor bomb that will make your taste buds do cartwheels! A perfect combination of sweet strawberries, tart apples, and mouthwatering peaches. It’s to die for!
  • TNT Ice – Every bit as delicious as TNT, only a bit more! TNT Ice is a perfect vape juice for all you fruit lovers who need that menthol kick to really call any vape juice your new all-day vape.
  • Pixy – a tasty combination of sour grapes and sugary delights! This vape juice should be on your to-vape list if you have anything resembling a sweet tooth!
  • Carnival – Carnival is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted! A perfect representation of salty popcorn taste that will put you in mind of your childhood in an instant!
  • Julius – Looking for something sweet and creamy with a bit of a twist? Julius is a frothy vape flavor that’s infused with juicy oranges and as creamy as a bowl of…well, cream!
  • Fuse – Like watermelon? Wish it was bit sweeter? Not a problem! Fuse combines refreshing watermelon taste with sweet strawberry that’s ripe as a late summer’s day!

(View All Time Bomb Vapor's Ejuice Flavors Here)


All Time Bomb flavors are mixed 60/40 in favor of VG, which means that the taste is consistent throughout the vape and that there’s plenty of vapor there for all you cloud chasers. You will find all these delicious vapes on BuyVapor, along with a few t-shirt designs and a trucker hat that you can buy to show off your support for good, premium vape juices. Check out their Facebook page here and read all the wonderful reviews that customers have left over the years – if that doesn’t convince you to buy, nothing will!

If you’re tired of bland all flavors and are looking for an all-day vape that will dazzle your taste buds, Time Bomb is definitely worth consideration. Come to BuyVapor now and pick out your favorites – hurry up, the clock is ticking!

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