To gift of not to gift, vape starter kits for a smoker?

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The gift of vaping

If you are a former smoker who vapes, there is a better than average chance you have friends or family members who still lights up, after all, smoking is a social activity.

With the holiday season in full swing and New Year's resolutions right around the corner, you might be considering giving the gift of vaping to a smoker in your life?

Especially for diehard advocates of vaping, there can be a strong desire to share your love of vaping but there are a few factors you should consider before spending your money on a present that may be frowned at by a smoker.

Vapor4Life covers these factors in the original article here :


Vape starter kits for smokers 

Kilo 1K Limited Edition Colors

Kilo 1K (Full Review)

1K is a pod system designed specifically for vapers who are trying to wean themselves off of analog cigarettes. While there are a lot of similar e-cigs out there, Kilo’s pod mod is pretty unique. The best comparison we can make is that it’s pretty similar to the fabled JUUL in terms of design and functionality.

The unique thing that I personally like over the JUUL is the pod flavors. Currently, Kilo has come out with 18 different e-juice flavors from tobacco to desserts. View all Kilo 1K flavors here.


Space Jam BYRD

The BYRD (Full Review)

If you’ve been vaping for more than a month, then you already know about Space Jam Juice. The company has been around for years (we’ve vaped on Space Jam a long time ago when clearomizers were still a novelty) and has consistently created great flavors.

Space Jam’s Byrd pod system comes at a time when smokers are looking to transition to vaping easily and without too much hassle - and it helps them do just that. It’s a great little vape designed with convenience and ease of use in mind.


Giving the gift of vaping is thoughtful so consider the factors that Vapor4Life has been kind enough to write out and you'll do just fine. Have a Merry Christmas!

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