UK Vapers and A Billion Lives

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Are They ‘Too Cheap’ to Buy Tickets for ‘A Billion Lives’?


A Billion Lives TwitterThe team behind ‘A Billion Lives’ has been working hard in the past months to interest the public in the hot-button issues the movie is tackling head on. However, it does seem that their campaign has fallen on deaf ears in the United Kingdom.


The film, promoted by Demand Film in the UK, has failed to sell out even with this aggressive campaign – only one theater, the one in Glasgow, sold enough tickets to ensure a screening. Others, including those in London, ran up against the sales deadline and were canceled.


Comments made by vapers on social media indicate that they feel they don’t need to watch the movie since they already know a lot about the topic. However, they mostly agree that it would be an eye opener for non-vapers, politicians, and healthcare professionals.


The problem with this is two-fold. First, for the general, non-vaping community to even hear about this movie it has to show promise and be at least a partial box office success. If there’s no interest in it no one is going to bother promoting it to the non-vaping public. Second, the team put in a huge effort in making this movie – do we really expect them to work for peanuts and release it for free on YouTube? They should at least get a chance to recover their cost.


Support the movie because that way you will be supporting a change in our society. Grab your non-vaping friends and family and visit your local screening – every penny you spend on it will help to save lives. That’s got to be worth it!


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