Uncle Junk's Genius Vape Juice is Nothing Short of Genius

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Uncle Junk's Genius Vape Juice is Nothing Short of Genius


Uncle Junk is a passionate vaper. Actually, he was a passionate vaper long before vaping became widespread and popular. A smoker for nearly all his life, he was itching to quit those foul-tasting cigarettes but always struggled with it. That is until he bought his first vape kit.


From that moment on, he never even looked at a pack of cigarettes.


Back in the day, there weren’t so many flavors to choose from and Uncle Junk saw a great opportunity there. First, he mixed and brewed his concoctions to satisfy his ever-growing need for more flavor variety. Soon, however, he started sharing his carefully mixed flavors with his friends and exchanging them with other vapers.


People couldn’t get enough of them!


It was a rather small leap from it being a hobby to turning into a full-time job. Sure, there’s money to be made with vape juices but not as much as people think. Uncle Junk does it for the challenge and the love of vaping – he enjoys hitting a home run with his blends and is totally miserable when vapers don’t respond well to his vape juice.


Luckily, his misses are few and far in between.


Uncle Junk currently offers 13 premium e liquids – enough variety to satisfy even the most discerning vaping palettes. Here’ a really quick overview of some of his bestsellers, from both the Uncle Junk Classic collection and the Fog Cabin Collection:

Uncle Junks

  • Big League Grape – an exciting combination of juicy white grapes and bubblegum that is a pure definition of unexpected, yet tasty delight.
  • Blue Fog – a whole bunch of sweet, ripe barriers intermingled with fresh citrus – a vape juice that will captivate your taste buds and have you coming back for more.
  • Just Bettie – named after the one and only Betty White, Just Bettie is a blend of pomegranate and apples – classy and delicious on every inhale.
  • A New Dawn – this creamy vape that lingers on your tongue is infused with sweet berries and just a hint of lemon – sweet sourness you’ve been waiting for!
  • Badd Nana – this incredible taste of ripe bananas and cream will engulf your taste buds from the very first moment and make you fall in love with it.
  • Jon Wayne – perfected for months, Jon Wayne is the ultimate vape juice that blends different types of tobacco – perfect for quenching your desire for cigarettes!

(View ALL Uncle Junks Original Flavors Here)

and (All Fog Cabins Flavors Here)


That’s just a small sampling of what Uncle Junk has to offer so don’t be shy and check out his tasty offers on BuyVapor. All Uncle Junk vape juices are 70/30 VG/PG blends which means that the taste is consistent and that vapor is as thick as the clouds!


Make sure to check out Uncle Junk’s Facebook page for all the latest info about e juices that are coming out of his kitchen – and there are plenty. You will also get an opportunity to read comments by delighted buyers who swear by his tasty vapes.


Start exploring the world of vape juices by diving head first into the tasty vape juices brought to you by Uncle Junk – you can’t go wrong with Uncle Junk Classic and Fog Cabin collections. His truly genius flavors can be found on BuyVapor but hurry up! The crowds are gathering in droves because Uncle Junk is a big shot in the vaping world and you definitely don’t want to be the last one in line for his great e juices!

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