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Why You Should Try Their Cake, Custard, and Sweet Melon Flavors

undr cuttr - a manufacturer of premium vape juices since time immemorial! Well, when we say immemorial, we mean ever since vaping started to be an actual thing. Still, a lot of regular vapers don’t have a clue about this great brand of vape juices.

We’re here to educate you!

Are there any particular vape juices you just love? Something, let’s say, from Cuttwood? Kilo? Or maybe even Just Vape? If so, here are a couple of surprises for you! If ever your favorite vape juices from those brands start tasting bland, undr cuttr offers a couple of great replacements!

Of course, the flavor will be spot on!

undr cuttr Sweet Melons VS. Cuttwood Mega Melons

undr cuttr Sweet Melons 60mLCuttwood Mega Melons 60mL

Are you a melon fan? That’s a pretty difficult vape flavor to really nail. If you’re in love with Mega Melons, wait until you try undr cuttr Sweet Melons! A 70/30 VG/PG vape juice thick with flavor and with excellent vapor production, Sweet Melons exquisitely combines the freshness of ripe melons with the juiciness of exotic papaya fruit.

undr cuttr Custard VS. Just Vape Divinus Custard

undr cuttr Custard 60mLDivinus Custard

On the other hand, you might be one of those vapers who enjoy the smells of freshly baked goods. If that’s the case and you’re tired of the Divinus Custard vape juice, simply replace it with the rich and creamy Custard by undr cuttr. Sugar mixed with French vanilla - what’s there not to like about this 70/30 VG/PG blend with superb flavor and huge clouds?

undr cuttr Cake VS. Kilo Birthday Cake

undr cuttr cake 60mL Birthday Cake Kilo 60mL

It’s your party and you’ll cry if you want to? Remember that song. Well, it rings true! You will cry like a baby when you try undr cuttr’s Cake and those will be the tears of joy! Love Kilo’s Birthday Cake? Wait until you try the Cake vape juice. Sweet, creamy, and rich this 70/30 VG/PG vape juice tastes exactly like the batter your mom would give you to lick off a spoon. Ahhh, happy days!

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