Update on Deeming Rule Appeal

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FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb’s recent remarks on vapor products

Commissioner Gottlieb marks that one primary mission of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) is to utilize scientific evidence and new supporting research to inform tobacco regulatory actions that protect public health. Mentioned in his remarks was a recent report by the National Academies of Sciences (NAS), entitled “Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes.” This report makes clear that switching from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes results in reduced short-term adverse health outcomes in several organ systems. 

With these findings, Commissioner Gottlieb notes that e-cigs and other novel tobacco products, “must be put through an appropriate series of regulatory gates to fully evaluate their risks and maximize their potential benefits.”

Though Commissioner praised vapor products as a potential reduced harm alternative for smokers he points out that this does not apply to adolescents for whom the FDA maintains there is never a good reason to use any tobacco products.


What does this mean in regards with the Deeming Rule Appeal 

Despite these recent starments, FDA continues to take a hard line in pending appeal. For the full details and original article continue reading here

Article by The Continuum of Risk 

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