US Surgeon General Report on Vaping

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Completely Ignores Relevant Vaping Studies

Dr. Neil McKeganey, Director of the Center for Substance Use Research in Glasgow, Scotland, has a few choice words to say about US Surgeon General report on vaping. Dr. Mckeganey states that the report fails to take into consideration numerous benefits vaping offers to adult smokers and that it’s negatively framed around the concern about underage vaping.

‘Surgeon General’s report completely ignores recent recommendations from a variety of respected bodies, including the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and the United Kingdom’s Department of Health’, says Dr. McKeganey in an article published in The Hill. ‘Both of these respected associations have recommended vaping as an alternative to combustible cigarettes and have conducted research that suggests that vaping might be up to 95% less harmful than smoking!’

While underage vaping is something that needs to be addressed, Dr. McKeganey feels that it’s wrong to condemn an industry that has so much to offer in terms of smoking cessation and prevention goals. He concludes his criticism of the SG’s report saying that he hopes that the next US government takes into consideration the full body of evidence about vaping before developing further policies that would harm the vaping industry.

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