US Surgeon General's Biased Report on Vaping

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US Surgeon General's Biased Report on Vaping

In a shocking but not entirely unexpected report concerning vaping in the United States, US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy calls for more stringent rules regarding e-cigarettes.

Could the rules be more stringent than the ones imposed by the FDA?

This report focuses heavily on the underage use of e-cigarettes, while completely disregarding numerous benefits adult vapers using them as a cessation tool are reaping. There is a brief mention of one study (done in 2011) that failed to conclusively prove that vaping is helping smokers quit and, because of it, the Surgeon General completely dismisses the life-saving potential of vaping. Of course, there is no mention of dozens of more positive studies that have been done in the last five years.

Numerous health activists have called the report bogus and flawed. Clive Bates has poked dozens of holes in it, point out that it only focuses on the negatives and voicing his concerns fact that vaping is often labeled as ‘e-cigarette smoking’ in the report, subtly equating the risks involved in vaping with those of smoking.

We can only hope that this report will continue to draw outrage from the vaping community and scientists willing to point out the obvious methodology flaws with it. Maybe the SG’s team can finally learn how proper research is done.

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