US Veterans for Vaping

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US Veterans for Vaping

Army veterans are one of the US most fragile social groups. More often than not, they struggle with unemployment, alcoholism, and drug abuse. They are also heavy cigarette smokers. Will Cohen is a founder of Vape a Vet Project. Having worked with Veterans Services for years, he says that one thing he consistently observed during that time is how much damage veterans are doing to their bodies with cigarettes.

His project provides veterans who want to quit smoking with an alternative – e-cigarettes as a cessation method. They get a vape starter kit and e liquids so they can try switching and slightly offset the damage that has been done to their organs.

Mr. Cohen says that veterans with whom he has been talking to are not happy with the FDA’s over-regulation of the industry. They are slowly adding their voices to thousands of others that are fighting to overturn the FDA ruling.

Will that be enough? Well, that remains to be seen.

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