US Vice President-Elect Says Smoking Doesn't Kill!

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US Vice President-Elect Says Smoking Doesn't Kill!


That wasn’t an offhand comment Mike Pence uttered at a mixer with tobacco lobbyist trying to butter them up, either! Evidently, the new VP-elect went to great lengths to make his stance on tobacco products widely known back in 2000, as witnessed by an op-ed piece he’s written.


It’s been roughly 55 years since the Surgeon General linked cancer to smoking; even more time has passed since it was known without a sliver of doubt to hundreds of scientist around the world.

Yet Pence had the audacity to say that smoking doesn’t kill as recent as in the year 2000? In a period of time when more people were dying from smoking-related illnesses than car crashes, HIV, murders, and alcohol combined?


Well, today really is the day for a reality check! We’re all hoping that the new administration will take necessary steps to reduce over-regulation of vaping products but can it be done if the people in charge share Pence’s beliefs? Where does he stand on vaping?


We’ll just have to wait and see.


Original post by Diane Caruana

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