Use of E-Cigs Among Teens Declining

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Use of E-Cigs Among Teens Declining

And the results of the research are out just a few short days after US Surgeon General office released a report saying that underage use of e-cigarettes is now a major public health concern.


The number of students who used e-cigarettes dropped by 3.3% from last year, from 29.9% to 26.6%. Also, the number of students who used e-cigs in the last 30 days of the survey dropped from 12.8% to 9.9% when compared to last year.

Researchers note that this is probably not a fluke. They survey three groups of students – 8th graders, sophomores, and high school seniors. The decline in usage is seen in all three groups and that signals that we can expect the numbers to be going down next year as well.

There is no increase in smoking either. Our youth seems to be getting better at keeping clear of things that are bad for them so alcohol and drug use are also in decline.

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