Vape Explosion Victim Opposes National Vaping Ban

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Vape Explosion Victim Opposes National Vaping Ban

Chuck Schumer, a Democrat minority Senate leader, has expressed a view a couple of weeks ago that vaping devices are nothing but ‘ticking time bombs’. He draws light on a single sentence in the FDA report that states that ‘there were 64 reported vape incidents in 2016’ - a reminder: none of those incidents included fatalities (meanwhile, cigarettes are responsible for thousands of deaths every single day). However, this is reason enough for Schumer to push for an all-out ban on vape devices.

Unfortunately for him, not even the explosion victims share his draconian views. Mike Rose, a college student and a former vaper, had his teeth knocked out when a vape pen exploded in close proximity of his mouth. Rose says that he no longer vapes but believes that a ban is not a solution at all. ‘People need to be educated, they need to know how to properly use the devices and what can go wrong’, he states.

We couldn’t agree more. For more on this, check out the video.

Original post by Kristyna Engdhal

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