Vapers Have Their Presidential Candidate

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United States 2016 Election Vapors Voting in the United States is a bi-partisan issue – you vote Dem or Rep, even if you don’t have a particular inclination to either of these parties. There are simply no alternatives out there! Vapers in the United States have been watching the current presidential race from a fence – Hillary Clinton is will probably adopt Obama’s stance on the issue while Donald Trump is a wildcard and can swing either way.

As it turns out now, single-issue voters concerned with over-regulation of vaping might find their advocate in Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party Candidate. In a statement issued by Jim Wallace, national director of the Johnson campaign, excessive regulation by the FDA in concern to the vaping industry is regarded as an attack on the free market and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Even though it seems that Johnson is out of the race (polling between 7 to 12 % in recent polls) vapers who cast their vote for him will now know that he at least understands the issue and what is at stake.

Original article by Jim McDonald

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