Vaping Champion Sen. Johnson Strikes Again

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Vaping Champion Sen. Johnson Strikes Again


Since he was re-elected as a senator in the US Senate, Ron Johnson has continued to campaign hard for the rights of vapers. He became famous in May, only 5 days after the FDA came out with an official statement about what it had in store for the vaping industry. Sen. Johnson demanded to know why the agency was equating vaping products to tobacco products and why they were hell-bent on destroying an industry that is providing relief to millions and employment to thousands.


When he didn't get an answer, he remained persistent.


Recently, Sen. Johnson sent letters to department heads of Department of Labor, Environmental Protection Agency and the FDA urging them to reconsider enforcing the deeming regulation. He states that the new Trump administration will most likely re-examine these burdensome regulations and that enforcing them would simply force shop owners and manufacturers in the industry to cover the compliance costs that are likely to become unnecessary.


It’s starting to seem that this vape witch hunt is slowly reaching its apex and that vapers can hope for some relief in the future. Cole-Bishop Amendment is still something we need to see discussed more often but with people like Sen. Johnson in our corner, there just might be a bit more than a glimmer of hope for the vaping industry.


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